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With SE Asia's fast growing economies and burgeoning population, heavy demands have been placed on the schools, institutions, corporate training departments and other places of education to come up with appropriate, foresightful and creative solutions to increasingly varied and complex challenges. Growing demands on human resources and the need for well-trained, well-spoken and proactive individuals require that institutions, from the kindergarten to the workplace, fulfill their purpose as providers of knowledge, insight, creativity and critical thinking.

Spencer International provides organisations with onsite English courses & programs. That's essentially what we do - but there's much more to our focus than that.

We have spent the last 19 years developing and refining a strong presence in the language teacher training industry. Chichester College (Thailand) is our locally renowned teacher training facility located in the heart of Bangkok's Ratchadapisek business district.

All our teachers go through an internationally accredited intensive training program, giving them the tools and strategies, not only to deliver effective English training that produces results, but also techniques on motivation, ensuring they inspire your team with a passion for learning.

Our teacher training facility ensures we can train and recruit the best teachers available with the skills to match your organisational as well as employee learning needs.

All our teachers receive on-going training and full management support to ensure they inspire your team with a confidence to use effective English in real life situations, whatever their level.

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