20+ Years in SE Asia

The growth in infrastructure and financial security across SE Asia has naturally led to demands for high quality training and education in business and learning institutions of all kinds. This growth continues, and we believe that the next two decades will be just as challenging, exciting and full of potential as the first.

For over 20 years, Spencer International has been proud to be part of the phenomenal growth that has marked the region. Our activities in training and education has taken us from our base in Bangkok across the region: from the calm and soothing Thai countryside of Lopburi, Ayuthaya and Korat, to neighboring capitals of Phnom Penh, Vientianne and Hanoi. We have taken seriously the SE Asian focus on quality, detail and purpose, and have won a reputation with local industry and institutions for our services.

In addition to our work locally, our connections with educational institutions in Europe and the Americas allows us to keep up to date with trends, to continue providing quality educational products across SE Asia within its distinct cultures and needs. Spencer is proud to have been part of the success that is now synonymous with SE Asia – and we are looking forward to playing an ever more integral role in its continued growth.

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