Professional Development

Professionals of all sorts need to constantly seek ways to develop in order to stay current, avoid stagnation and burnout, but ultimately to remain competitive in our fast-moving outcomes-based careers. We believe that even most successful professionals need to take time for personal career growth.

Cross-Cultural Communication

In pluri-cultural settings, we are faced with the challenges resulting from miscommunication through language. However, the interaction of cultures may lead to even more complex misunderstandings, even with language seems to be clear and problem free. Competence in communicating across cultures increases efficiency, lowers workplace interpersonal friction, and reduces work-related stress when working in a foreign country.  

Train the Trainer

The Spencer International training team combined has over 70 years’ experience in training, spanning fields such as business development, teaching, sales and marketing, and motivation. This extensive training experience forms the backbone of a successful train the trainer programme for aspiring trainers who wish to maximize the effectiveness of their own programme delivery.

In-Service Teaching

Experienced teachers spend many hours in professional isolation in classrooms with their students. Without effective in-service training, teaching can begin to feel both lonely and routine. Our experience teacher training team are ready to work together with teaching professionals to move their practice forward. Read our blogs on teaching and learning for ideas on how your classroom can stay fresh and exciting.

Other services

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