Teacher Training

A comprehensive suite of programs for both novice and experienced teachers in the field of TEFL/TESOL and CLIL. This vibrant and growing field demands that teaching practitioners in SE Asia are kept up-to-date to ensure their delivery is confident, relevant and effective.

Pre-Service Teacher Training

In collaboration with Chichester College, UK, our intensive pre-service TEFL/TESOL programme offers teachers a comprehensive introduction to the world of language teaching. Offered over four weeks, the course aims to prepare beginner teachers through a thorough overview of the theory, opportunities for observation of experienced teachers, and practical classroom practice. Upon completion, teachers will be qualified to teach pre-teen, teen and adult language learners. Graduates from this course are highly sought after by schools around South East Asia, but can also be found internationally, in far-flung locations such as Mexico, Lithuania, and Egypt.

Click here for further details and application procedure: https://www.chichester.ac.th

In-Service Teacher Training

Our in-service teacher training courses are tailored to the needs of teaching teams within specific teaching environments. With a team of six highly qualified teacher trainers, workshops are available on topics ranging from lesson planning or material design to specific focus areas such as phonics and CLIL. These team offer the workshops on site anywhere in the region, and have experience working with academic departments in Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, China, and Cambodia.

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